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New Events with Davenport College & Yale Divinity School’s Open Party

Mark your calendars for the first two Yale Humanist Community events for October 2013!  This coming week we currently have two events planned as well as additional announcements:

  • Welcome reception for Chris Stedman as a Davenport College Fellow
  • First formal meeting and discussion of the year of the Yale Divinity School’s Open Party with the YHC.
  • Booking meetings with Chris Stedman

Event with the Davenport community introducing Chris as a Davenport Fellow

Stedman10.7imgaPlease join the Davenport College community and the YHC in welcoming Chris Stedman, our Coordinator for Humanist Life, as a Davenport Fellow.

The welcoming event will be followed by a discussion led by Yale professor of Psychology and YHC Board member Laurie Santos.

The event will be held on Monday October 7th at 12 pm noon in the Davenport seminar room (located (more…)

Welcome from the Coordinator of Humanist Life

Chris Stedman 2013Greetings! My name is Chris Stedman; I am so thrilled to be joining you at the Yale Humanist Community as the new Coordinator of Humanist Life, and I’m looking forward with excitement to our work together.

By way of introduction, I come to the Yale Humanist Community (YHC) from the Humanist Community at Harvard (HCH), where I am currently the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard. (I will continue to work part-time at HCH as I begin my work here with YHC.) From this work I bring a passion for supporting Humanist community and secular students, and for organizing civically engaged, thoughtful, active nonreligious communities. If you want to know more about my background, please click here.

This coming year, I will be working with YHC to build up a community of Humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and the nonreligious at Yale and beyond. While this community is organized under the banner of Humanism (to learn more about Humanism, please click here), there are people involved who do not identify as Humanists — we welcome everyone. I’ll be doing some of this organizing remotely, but will also be in New Haven for 3-4 consecutive days one week a month (usually the second week of the month). I’ve already spent much of this summer in New Haven working with my colleague Paul Chiariello (YHC’s Director of Operations), with Miles Lasater (the Chair of our Board of Directors), with members of the Yale Humanist Society and the Open Party at Yale Divinity School, and with many others on developing resources for the community and preparing for a busy academic year. I have been so grateful for their welcome, and I am looking forward to what’s ahead. There will be more to say soon, but in the meantime I am excited to share some information about one of the projects we’ve been working on.

Our first event of the academic year will feature (more…)