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Yale Humanist Community supports the global impact of Humanism through speaking engagements, convocations, panels, baccalaureates, invocations, and more.  Our panel of speakers are known nationally and internationally.  They are authors, columnists, leaders in their respective fields, and experienced at multiple formats for presentations.


StedmanKrattenmakerSantos Speakers


Yale Humanist Community’s speakers are noted authors and columnists, and YHC gratefully acknowledges their generosity in donating their speaker fees to YHC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Speaking fees allow us to continue our work and to be a platform by which our speakers can share their insights and knowledge on the global stage.

Please click an authors name to find out more about them:
Chris Stedman
Tom Krattenmaker
Dr. Laurie Santos



What type of events are YHC speakers available for?

Keynote Addresses, Panel Discussions, Roundtables, Break-out Sessions, Book Signings.

Interested parties are encouraged to inquire about types of events not listed above.


How far in advance should we book a speaker?

YHC speakers are actively involved an academia and philanthropic endeavors.  The more advance time for bookings, the greater the chance of speaker availability.  YHC can book as much as two years in advance.  At the same time, a speaker may serendipitously be available on short notice.  All inquiries are welcome.


What are the fees?

Different speakers have different fee schedules.  Please e-mail yalehumanists@gmail.com for details.


What travel and other accommodations are needed?

The hosting organization would book travel arrangements with approval of the Speaker. If the event location is within 50 miles of New Haven, CT, the Host would provide a rental car or a round trip, per mile travel stipend. For events further than 50 miles from New Haven, CT, the Host would provide round trip, business class train or airfare as best meets the needs of the Speaker and car service or rental at destination. For engagements longer than 4 hours or continuing past 7:00pm, the Host would provide overnight accommodations and in some cases a per diem.


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