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As a committed activist, author, and commentator, Chris Stedman is a highly sought-after speaker for events at colleges, universities, conferences, and communities. He is available to give keynotes, speeches, convocations, panels, baccalaureates, invocations, and more.  To learn more about Chris, click here for his bio.

Feedback and Endorsements

chris stedman speaking 19“Thank you so much for visiting us at the Rochester Interfaith Chapel! Your wise words and stories were incredibly inspiring. We will think about the time we spent together as we continue to create opportunities for interfaith dialogue here at the University of Rochester. Thank you for all that you do in interfaith. Our chapel doors will always be open to you!” —University of Rochester Student Association for Interfaith Cooperation

“I have heard such great feedback from students and attendees since your visit. It was a pleasure to have you on campus and I hope that your talk inspires more students to get involved in interfaith and Humanist work. Thank you!” —NYU Office of Global Spiritual Life

“Thank you so much for coming to UND in Grand Forks, ND. We truly appreciate your perspective and passion to engage in expansive interfaith work that includes the freethinkers, LGBTQ, and religious perspectives. Your personal story is exceptionally fun and inspiring. Your work is a gift to our world and society at large. MLK_StedmanSignsBookThank you for your commitment and leadership.” —University of North Dakota Interfaith Week Planning Committee

“Chris Stedman paid a visit to the Bryant University Interfaith Center Wednesday evening and made a formidable impression… Stedman’s presentation was successful beyond my wildest imagination.” —Humanists of Rhode Island

“It was pure joy to have you on campus and to spend such rich time in conversation with you. Your work and who you are is doubtless a vital gift to the world.” —Furman University

chris stedman lincoln school“When I first learned of Chris Stedman and researched his work, I was blown away. He is an amazing representative of the interfaith movement, and his story and background as a gay atheist makes it all the more inspiring that he is promoting bridge-building and battling the stereotypes against gays and atheists, and against all misperceived groups. As an American Muslim who often feels victim to waves of negative energy and misconceptions, I can relate to him. I feel a similar passion in promoting critical thinking, education, and the rejection of stereotypes.

I decided to contact Chris to bring him to Lincoln because I knew he could motivate the student body to join the movement and understand the importance of interfaith dialogue and awareness… Chris’s presentation reminded us that we can have positive conversations about our differences while trying to find common ground. [His] passion and his work as an activist embodies a lot of what I believe in, and I wanted to share that with Lincoln.” —Lincoln School for Girls student


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