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Meet Olga Verbeek, YHC’s New Intern!

Please join us in offering a warm welcome to our new full time Counseling and Programs Intern Olga Verbeek—she will be spending the next four months working with YHC. Below is a personal introduction, written by Olga:

DSC_2892Hi all! I’m joining you at YHC this month, so I’d like to briefly introduce myself!

My name is Olga Verbeek and I am a second year master’s student in Humanistic Studies in the beautiful city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. In this quite unique program, I study about questions like, ‘How do people give meaning to life? How can we live valuable lives? How can we create a just society?’ These questions don’t have easy answers, but are nevertheless fundamental to our existing.

Furthermore, I’m very much interested in building a bridge between scientific and philosophical theories about these questions and the practice of our daily lives. That is one of the reasons bringing me to the Yale Humanist Community: I’m very excited about the mission to provide a community where people can find inspiration, reflection, and support.

Another reason for crossing the Atlantic Ocean is to see Humanism in a different context, since the American and the Dutch religious landscapes differ in a lot of ways. I hope this will be a very instructive experience for us all.

During my time at YHC, I will be both working on some theoretical projects and on some applied projects. One of programs where you’re most likely to encounter me is at the Practical Humanism Discussion Group—click here for more information! I will also be available for existential counseling meetings, one of the fields that I’m specializing in. You’re very welcome to set up an appointment to talk about anything that is troubling you, from life to love and beyond.

The one thing I like most about traveling is the fact that being in a new environment makes you listen, observe, and experience more intensively. So I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all, to hearing your stories, and to learning from you!


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