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Introducing YHC’s Newest Staff Member


I’m writing to introduce myself: My name is Nancy Kelly, and I was recently hired as YHC’s Executive Associate.

My professional background is in business, and most of my time at YHC will be spent on the organization’s administrative needs. But I have also dedicated many volunteer hours of community service in the areas of social justice and the arts. You can click here for my full bio.

I took this position because I am inspired by YHC’s mission to provide a caring Humanist community, offer support in an ethical framework, and create opportunities for reflective service to the wider community. As someone with friends and loved ones who believe many different things, I truly appreciate YHC’s bridging approach to finding common ground and facilitating dialogue among people from all walks of life.

I look forward to working with Chris Stedman to support your efforts to build a safe, vibrant, service-oriented community, and to meeting all of you soon.

Warm regards,

Nancy Kelly

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