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The Pathfinder’s Project: Putting a Compassionate Humanism to Work

Congratulations to the Pathfinders Project!  The first year of the budding Humanist Service Corps has been a huge success and we’re certainly looking forward to following the rest of their work in the next few weeks.

An extra helping of congratulations to Conor Robinson, Wendy Webber, Michelle Huey, and Ben Blanchard – the inaugural group of Pathfinders – who just made it onto the cover of the The Humanist this past issue!   You can read the article by Wendy Webber titled Paths to People: Establishing a Humanist Service Corps here in the link.

And special shout outs to both Conor, a Yale alumni and founder of the undergraduate Yale Humanist Society – now the Yale Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics – and Webber, a recent Yale Divinity student and founding member of the Open Party student organization.

If you’d like to check out more about the Pathfinder’s Project you can go directly to their website or read an interview with Pathfinder’s founder Conor Robinson and YHC Director Chris Stedman.   You can also read Conor’s, Wendy’s, Michelle’s,and Ben’s official Pathfinder’s blogs, documenting their adventures abroad from Ghana to Cambodia and everywhere inbetween.

To meet the Pathfinders in person, make sure to check out Foundation Beyond Belief’s upcoming Humanism at Work Conference this July 18th to 20th in Chicago, IL.   The conference will be the first of it’s kind and a forum to discuss and learn about putting a compassionate Humanism to work in service, community building,and charity.

Pathfinder's Cover


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