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YHC’s End of the Year Reception & Our New Faculty Adviser

The Yale Humanist Community’s End of the Year Reception!

It’s been an amazing first year at Yale!  We’ve of course had some set backs, but we’ve also co-hosted over half a dozen service projects and events with the Yale Chaplain’s Office and other clubs and organizations on campus, as well as organized a few our own.  During the Fall semester we were able to bring to Yale both Congressman Pete Stark and Pulitzer Prize nominee Susan Jacoby.  Recently we had the honor of introducing nearly 300 attendees to Professor Frans De Waal’s groundbreaking research on evolution and our moral roots.

To help us celebrate this past year of accomplishments and announce some of our future plans, we hope you’ll join us April 10th for our big End of Year Reception.  We promise lots of great food, drinks, raffles, and a long list of special guests, including Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard, and Dr. Paul Bloom, Yale Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science.

More details concerning tickets, special guests, and location can be found on our Eventbrite page in the link.  Hope to see you there!

Dr. Lance Linke, the Newest Member of Our Faculty Board of Advisers

Lance LinkeWe’re proud to announce Dr Lance Linke of Yale’s Department of Psychiatry as the newest member of our Faculty Board of Advisers!

The Faculty Board of Advisers are Yale University faculty members who identify with the values and mission of the YHC.  Although there is no official commitment, members often participate in the larger Humanist community at Yale and New Haven in a variety of ways, such as speaking at public lectures hosted by the YHC or having informal dinners with Yale undergraduates.  Other members of our Faculty Board of Advisers include Professors Paul Bloom, Yarrow Dunham, Steven Novella, David Rand, Laurie Santos, and Stephen Stearns.  More information can be found in the link above.

Lance H. Linke is an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine and the Center for Emotional Intelligence. He completed his initial graduate studies in philosophy exploring the dimensions of moral decision making. Thereafter, he trained as a developmental and educational psychologist studying the influences of emotions on learning and decision making. His research investigates affect-regulation and interpersonal functioning from a prevention science perspective.

Dr. Linke has worked internationally with departments and ministries of education and health to create interdisciplinary, collaborative frameworks that focus on the importance of emotional development in educational environments. His current research focuses on early assessment and prevention strategies for building resilience and emotion regulation skills in parents and children. These strategies often employ mindfulness, meditation, yoga and martial arts as low iatrogenic intervention approaches to increase mood and affect regulation. He has studied these approaches across a range of development from pregnancy to adulthood. He continues to evaluate the development of emotion regulation, and the many variables that influence this, with respect to physiological, interpersonal, and intrapersonal domains.

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