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De Waal Event & Introducing Camp Quest

Bonobos, Elephants, and People – Our Common Moral Roots

Thank you everyone who was able to make it to The Atheist and the Bonobo last Wednesday!

The world we live in seems to provide no end of surprises.  And Professor Frans de Waal’s insightful studies and amazing videos on the behavior of primates, elephants, crows, and other animals showed how deep our moral building blocks go.   In the discussion afterwards with Yale Professor Paul Bloom we delved further into finding Humanism among the primates and the our own early moral roots, which have existed ages before any religion we have today.


Unfortunately, we were not able to film the event.  But to learn more about Prof De Waal’s research on morality, religion, and our closest cousins, the chimapanzees and bonobos, you can watch his TED Talk and Big Think videos here.  

Camp Quest New England’s 1st Year & Call for Volunteers

Camp Quest New England – a sleep away camp full of fun, friends, and freethought here in CT – is starting its first full week this summer!  Camp Quest is a Humanist and Freethinkers camp with 17 member camps around the country, as well in Canada, the UK, and Switzerland.

CQNE’s mission is to build community, foster wonder at the world around us, encourage the use of reason and compassion, and just plain provide an amazing week for the next generation.  While camper registration is not quite open, CQNE is in need of counselors and staff.  No prior experience is needed as training is provided prior to camp and on site.  Though a registration deadline is not yet set, please register ASAP!

Screenshot 2014-03-12 21.51.24

This summer, CQ New England will run from July 27th to August 2nd.  So mark your calendars!

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