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We’re Making Headlines!

The Chaplaincy is still in the process of getting settled, but we’re already making a few headlines!

Make sure to check out the recent article at the Yale Alumni Magazine on the Chaplaincy’s recent work and upcoming plans.  It discusses some of the challenges we’ve faced in trying to get the Chaplaincy established and the reasons why we’re facing them.  As Miles Lasater, one of the founding directors of the Yale Humanist Chaplaincy, makes clear:

I’m interested in providing a positive service environment, support, meaning that includes ritual… The other choice is a nothing, a lack.

Paul Chiariello, another director of the Yale Chaplaincy, also discusses his work with the Rutgers University Chaplaincy and the importance for him of the work such humanist chaplaincies do.

Also, make sure to check out the short piece Hemant Mehta wrote on the Friendly Atheist about the work we’re doing and some of the other Humanist University Chaplaincies.

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